Tear Gas pro tips:


  • If you do not have chemical goggles, swim goggles will suffice and are easier to keep from confiscation.
  • Keep a plastic baggie with a bandana/rag soaking in lemon juice or cider vinegar to take out and breathe through if you encounter tear gas
  • Do not wear contact lenses without eye protection in tear gassed areas. You can go blind.
  • You can use water, saline, milk, and a mix of Maalox (or other liquid antacids) and water to relieve burning in your eyes and mouth. 
  • Know your allergies. Tear gasses are derived from different chili peppers.
  • Tear gas can aggravate breathing conditions, so bring your inhaler (in a plastic bag so it doesn’t get exposed).
  • If you are pregnant exposure to tear gas can result in miscarriages and birth defects. If you are nursing, the toxins can transfer through breast milk.
  • Do not swallow, try to spit and cough.
  • Wear protective clothing to avoid burns.
  • Children, the elderly, the immune-deficient, and the chronically ill are more susceptible to complications due to exposure.